Jonny "Blues Boy" Robinson

started as Little Robby professionally in Seattle, Washington in 1962

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"Baby John, Son, Go out there and bring some wood in, so I can start supper, and boy stop all that noise. You need to be singing for the Lord instead of all that devil music all the time." The words of Ms. Carrie Mae Walker to her illegal son "John Chaires." John Chaires was born as John Robinson in the late nineteen-thirty's to Mrs. Monimia & Bishop Jesse Robinson. Mrs. Monimia passed away at childbirth shortly after the delivery of baby John Robinson, on a migrant workers' farm called Steel City, located in Canal Points Florida.

After the death of little John Robinson's mother, Mrs. Monimia, his father didn't have any idea of how to take care of a newborn infant, so he took his new son to his brother-in-law's family(his deceased wife's brother) which lived in Yulee Florida to help him with the child.

Patrick J. Small, known around Yulee as Mr. P.J., accepted his little newborn nephew with open arms. He was already raising eight children of his own. Uncle P.J.'s sister-in-law (Carrie Mae Walker) could not have children of hew own. When she took her first look at Baby John she immediately fell in love with him and took the child with out permission from the home of Uncle P.J. while he was at work. She took him to a little town in South Central Florida (Polk City). There, baby John lived until he reached the age of about six before his legal family knew he was still in existence. Mrs. Carrie Mae raised baby John in the name of Chaires (one of her deceased husbands' names) until his legal birth certificate revealed the truth. After Mr. Chaires' death Mrs. Carrie Mae moved back to Yulee Florida where baby John found the reason to sing the blues. Being different and strong minded and never bashful, you ask him to sing, he would. Ask him to dance... man he could dance. Mrs. Carrie Mae and her husband, John Walker, would actually travel within the surrounding towns and cities (Yulee Florida, Fernandina Beach, Sand Hill, and Calahan) so Little Baby John could sing and dance during the late 1940's and early 1950's.

Jonny's favorite blues singers are Bobby Bland, Little Milton, LIttle Johnny Taylor, and Bobby Womack. While also influenced by these great artists, Jonny's style is very different and quite original. Jonny is also well appreciated for the fact that he wtites and composes all his performed material.

This was Jonny "Blues Boy" calling and his beginning for the Blues. Jonny has many AKA's. In Seattle he was known as "Little Robby during the early 1960's, "Little Soul" in St. Louis during the lateral 1960's and 1970's and now "Jonny "Blues Boy" Robinson.

Jonny "blues Boy" Robinson became very well-known as Johnny Soul after working in radio as a very successful disc jockey (D.J.) with W.J.P.S. in Evansville, Indiana and briefly with W.L.O.U. in Louisville, Kentucky. Jonny toured Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee with his band during the early to mid 1970's.

Jonny "Blues Boy" Robinson is back..... and better than ever!

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